Board of Directors

2017 Board of Directors

From left to right: Stacy Dalton, Allison Chan, Lindsay Johnson, Stephen Pashby, Molly Stanifer, Will Dickey

President: Lindsay Johnson
Chairman of the Board: Jillian Mack
Treasurer: Stephen Pashby
VP of Individual Development: Allison Chan
VP of Community Development: Will Dickey
Directors: Stacy Dalton, Molly Stanifer

2016 Board of Directors


From left to right: T. Greg Doucette, Alexa Sykes, Hanna Tesfayone, Lindsay Johnson, Sarah Battersby, Molly Stanifer, Stacy Dalton, Stephen Pashby, Darin Stojanovic, CJ Broderick, Jillian Mack

President: Jillian Mack
Chairman of the Board: CJ Broderick
Treasurer: Stephen Pashby
VP of Membership: Alexa Sykes
VP of Management: T. Greg Doucette
VP of Financial Development: Molly Stanifer
VP of Individual Development: Stacy Dalton
VP of Community Development: Sarah Battersby
Directors: Michael Weaver, Lindsay Johnson, Hanna Tesfasyone, Darin Stojanovic