Join the Board

A Board of Directors governs the Durham Jaycees. The Board consists of:

We invite you to run for a Board position. Becoming a board member can open doors for you. Not only does it give you a chance to see the Durham Jaycees from both a leadership and a membership perspective, but it also gives you an opportunity for professional development. Joining the Board is a valuable way to grow and network, especially if you aspire to a leadership position in your career. Your position can convey worlds about your maturity to future employers and colleagues.

Nominations and Elections

We accept nominations for positions up until 15 minutes after the November membership meeting is called to order. Chapter elections are held at the November membership meeting. Candidates have an opportunity to speak and let the membership know why they are running for their position.

All Board members shall:

  • Represent the Durham Jaycees in the local community.
  • Support the Durham Jaycees’ strategic goals, mission, and vision.
  • Commit to serving the full term for the position.
  • Attend general membership meetings and present updates.
  • Attend monthly Board membership meetings (typically the last Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm).
  • Attend quarterly Chapter Review meetings (typically a 1-3 hour session on a weekend afternoon).
  • Provide monthly newsletter updates.
  • Attend events scheduled in their area.

Durham Jaycees Board Positions



This person:

  • Presides at all regular and special meetings of the general membership and the Board of Directors.
  • Appoints special committees.
  • Conducts elections each year.
  • Prepares for meetings: This includes preparing the agenda, arriving early to set-up, printing the attendee list, and bringing nametags.
  • At the end of their term, the President becomes the Chairman of the Board.

Management Development Vice President


The Management Development Vice President fulfills the duty of President when the President is unable to carry out those duties. This person:

  • Schedules professional development speakers for membership meetings.
  • Chairs the Distinguished Service Awards.
  • Negotiates the contract for the location of membership meetings.

Individual Development Vice President


The Individual Development Vice President is in charge of all internal affairs of the Jaycees except those relating to membership. This person is second in line to fill the duties of President. This person:

  • Creates and organizes opportunities that develop the skills of the Jaycees membership, including seminars, clubs, workshops, events, and social activities.
  • Develops and implements ways to gauge membership wants and needs.
  • Plans events (generally 2-3 per month): This includes selecting a location, time, and date, writing the event information, and sending it to the Secretary.
  • After events, emails the Membership Development VP to reach out to first-timers or RSVP no-shows, and emails the President to report attendance.

Community Development Vice President


The Community Development Vice President is in charge of the external affairs of the organization. This person is the third in line to carry out Presidential duties. This person:

  • Plans and executes projects to benefit local charities, through financial or in-kind donations.
  • Initiates and develops relationships with nonprofit organizations.
  • Plans volunteer events (generally 2-3 per month): This includes selecting a location, time, and date, writing the event information, and sending it to the Secretary.
  • After events, emails the Membership Development VP to reach out to first-timers or RSVP no-shows.

Membership Development Vice President


The Membership Development Vice President is in charge of all matters pertaining to membership in the Jaycees. This person:

  • Recruits new members.
  • Serves as the liaison for prospective members.
  • Chairs drives and promotional efforts to recruit new members.
  • Chairs orientation events for prospective and new members.
  • Responsible for membership accounting to the State Jaycee organization.
  • Conducts outreach to first-timers and RSVP no-shows.

Financial Development Vice President


The Financial Development Vice President is in charge of all matters related to the administrative ways and means of the Jaycees. This person:

  • Chairs projects that provide administrative income.
  • Organizes Casino Nights and other fundraising projects.
  • Initiates and develops relationships with local businesses and for-profit organizations to expand sponsorship opportunities.



This person:

  • Handles the money of the Jaycees.
  • Faithfully accounts for those funds in monthly reports presented to the Board of Directors.



This person:

  • Keeps an accurate record of the membership of the Jaycees.
  • Records minutes at all formal meetings, including Board meetings, membership meetings, and special meetings.
  • Records attendance at all meetings.
  • Presents the minutes of the proceeding Board meeting for approval.
  • Emails minutes to Board members and retains records of all minutes, past and present.
  • Guides overall communications about Jaycees meetings and events across multiple channels.
  • Manages the listserv, social media, and website.
  • Manages Eventbrite pages.
  • Oversees and updates social media (Twitter, Facebook) 3-5 times per week, and takes pictures to post on Facebook (or delegates someone else to do so).
  • Creates and distributes weekly and monthly newsletters through MailChimp.



Directors are generally paired up with one of the Vice Presidents so that they can learn the functions of one the Vice Presidential positions and gain the experience necessary to fill an executive role within the organization. Directors are assigned a cadre of Jaycee members for whom they are responsible and for whom they act as a liaison to the board. Directors are asked to stay in touch with these members and personally inform them by email or phone of all events.