Distinguished Service Award Winners

The following individuals have been recent recipients of the Durham Jaycees Distinguished Service Awards.


2015 DSA winners


From left to right: Larry Smith, David Kub, Cory Draughon, Mia Drabick, Carolyn Colsher, Annie Hassell, Laura Dille, and Sarah Battersby.

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  • Outstanding Young Public Servant: David Kub
  • Outstanding Young Educator: Mia Drabick
  • Outstanding Senior Citizen: Annie Hassell
  • Outstanding North Carolinian: Laura Dille

The 2015 DSA award banquet was sponsored by Design Hammer Media Group, The Saucy Crab Restaurant, and the Mid-South Fencers Club.


2014 DSA Winners


From left to right: Mayor Bill Bell, Jamie Lathan, Betsy Vatavuk, Morgan Travis, Erin Gasch, Travis Melvin.

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  • Outstanding Boss: Erin Gasch
  • Outstanding Teenager: Morgan Travis
  • Outstanding Senior Citizen: Betsy Vatavuk
  • Outstanding Young Educator: Jamie Lathan
  • Travis Melvin, Betsy Vatavuk, and Jamie Lathan went on to win at the state level.


  • Outstanding Boss: David Minton
  • Outstanding Senior Citizen: Forest Gale
  • Outstanding Young Educator: Jeff Milbourne
  • Outstanding Young North Carolinian: Brooke Jenkins
  • Outstanding Young Public Servant: Brandon Parrott


  • Outstanding Teenager: Alexis Peña
  • Outstanding Young Educator: Katherine Midkiff
  • Outstanding Young North Carolinian: Laurie Hyland
  • Outstanding Young Public Servant: Cornell Richards, II


  • Outstanding Senior Citizen: Gerald and Carol Egan
  • Outstanding Teenager: Davis Blount
  • Outstanding Young Educator: Melodie Green
  • Outstanding Young Public Servant: Sierra Jackson
  • Outstanding Young North Carolinian: Chandler Vatavuk