DSA Nominations

Nominate Someone for a Distinguished Service Award

Nominations are open for the 2017 Distinguished Service Awards.

Through the annual Distinguished Service Awards (DSA) Program, the Durham Jaycees honor individuals who make a difference in the Durham community. We honor recipients of the Durham Jaycees Distinguished Service Awards at our annual DSA banquet.

Help us honor deserving individuals by nominating someone for an award. If your nominee is chosen, you’ll be invited to personally present their award at the banquet.

Nominations must be received by Tuesday March 28th via email or USPS mail as detailed below.

Nomination Forms

You can nominate a person for one of seven awards:

Boss of the Year 2017 (.doc) – Must be nominated by a Durham Jaycees member

Outstanding Senior Citizen 2017 (.doc)

Outstanding Teenager 2017 (.doc)

Outstanding Young Educator 2017 (.doc)

Outstanding Young North Carolinian 2017 (.doc)

Outstanding Young Public Servant 2017 (.doc)

Two Easy Ways to Submit your Nomination

1. Online

Send us an email with your nomination form attached.

Submit by Email

2. Mail

Mail your nomination form to:

DSA Nominations
c/o Durham Jaycees
PO Box 1402
Durham, NC 27702