Professional Development

We offer our members opportunities to develop professional skills. Our initiatives include:

Membership and board meetings

Our General Membership meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month.

Our Board of Directors meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month. While only board members are required to attend, board meetings are also open to general members.


We learn from each other. Members teach workshops on a variety of skills, such as financial planning, car maintenance, and stress relief techniques. We also have workshops taught by outside speakers on professional development topics.


Leadership and Influence workshop. See more photos of our workshops on Facebook.

Jaycees Conventions and Conferences

We attend the year-end Jaycees convention and North Carolina Jaycees conferences, such as:

  • NC Jaycees Mid-Year Convention
  • NC Jaycees Spring Meeting
  • US Jaycees Spring Conference

Upcoming Meetings


Check out our calendar or Facebook to see what’s upcoming.