10 Advantages of Hiring A Nanny

1. They are experienced caregivers
Most nannies have several years of experience in child and adult care, hence perfect for the job. Some of them have not only professional training on the same but also have educational training and experience that makes them excellent caregivers. Many nannies from overseas countries also have children of their own, and only work to provide for their families. The fact that one has a child means she can take proper care of your child as well.

2. They are often available for long-term commitments
Some of the best nannies will stay with one family for more than two years. This means the young ones will get accustomed to her, hence will never have to deal with a new caregiver every month. The fact that these nannies can sign-up for long-term commitments assure your children of a comfortable and continued childcare arrangement with someone they grow to connect with and love.

3. They are flexible
Many people find it hard to raise and care for their children and still be able to work fulltime. Although a caregiver or even a daycare may seem like a feasible option, these aren’t as flexible as nannies are. Nannies almost always work as per your schedule, hence will be able to compensate or work a few more hours until you are home. In addition to this, a nanny will also adjust her working hours and commitments to ensure your children are well taken care of and never neglected. This is one of the principal reasons many people prefer nannies to daycares and caregivers.

4. A Nanny will help with house chores
Unlike babysitters and caregivers, nannies will always help with any housework. A nanny will handle basic chores ranging from preparing meals, general maintenance of the kid’s rooms, play areas, as well as play with the children. Many of them are mothers by nature, hence strive to ensure your home is clean and comfortable enough for the kids, and you as well.

5. They can live-in your compound
You can choose to have a live-in nanny to care for your children. Live-in nannies make it possible to foster a bond with the kids. Most kids will feel safer around a live-in nanny than a caregiver. Some children trust their nannies more than their parents. One of the reasons why is because they spend lots of time with the live-in nanny.

6. Nannies can help keep your household in good condition
Live-in nannies often assume the responsibility of keeping the home clean. They will not only handle all the chores assigned to them but also help the kids do their homework. This isn’t something you’ll get free from a caregiver.

7. A nanny will easily assume the role of a babysitter at night
There are times when you’ll want to go out for a date night or travel for several days without the kids. In such instances, you can always request the nanny to look after the children while you are away. You, however, ought to be careful not to overwork a trusted nanny

8. Nannies are more affordable than caregivers
Although you might know this already, caregivers and daycares will charge you per child for a day, while a nanny will take care of all these children at a fixed rate. The other disadvantage of hiring a caregiver is that you’ll still have to pay him/her even if they don’t have to care for the kids. This mostly happens when you are home with the kids, or one of the kids is ill. A nanny will however not only care for all the kids but also help with house chores whether the kids are sick or not.

9. One-on-one attention
You can be assured of undivided attention to your kids with a nanny than you can with an occasional caregiver. It is also worth noting that, nannies understand children well and will strive to ensure the kid is comfortable all day long. They can also adapt to various changes with the children – they are parents after all.

10. They can become part of the family
Many are the times when the relationship between a nanny and the children/family goes beyond just work. There are numerous stories where a nanny will be inseparable with the kids and the family. One of the reasons is because a nanny will go the extra mile to ensure you, and the kids are happy, safe, and feel secure.

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