3 Reasons Why Your Property Listings Should Include Floor Plans

A survey was conducted recently with property sellers that showed that 80% of them stated that floor plans are very useful or essential when selling a property. A significant 88% agreed with this when purchasing a property. Although it is true that it isn’t technically necessary to have a floor plan when selling a property, you also don’t technically need to have property descriptions or photos. But how many listings don’t have them? Floor plans are quite eye-catching and help to simplify the decision-making process for the buyer. They are just as important as having high-quality photos. Here are the three major reasons why floor plans are so important:

1. Floor plans help prospective buyers visualise a property much better compared to just photos. Rightmove has conducted research which shows that more than one-third of prospective buyers are not as likely to ask about a property that doesn’t have a floor plan. One out of 5 will completely ignore the listing. Floor plans show details to buyers that are hard to convey with only descriptions and photos, including measurements, windows, and storage space. Also, the are better at showing unique selling features such as extensions and knock-throughs.

2. Less time is wasted

It is critical to have high-quality property photos to showcase your property in the best way possible. Buyers really like wide-angle shots. However, some people think they can be somewhat misleading when portraying space accurately. Having a floor plan will help to avoid this by providing potential tenants and buyers a much clearer visual of a complete property before they see it in person. People looking for a house can use the floor plan in addition to photos in order to understand the home’s space and layout. That means when they arrive at the house there won’t be any nasty surprises.

3. Moving in mentally

If a buyer is able to imagine themselves living in a house, then half of the job of an estate agent is done already. The survey from Rightmove suggests that buyers like having a floor plan that shows room layout, and the way rooms fit in with the remainder of the property. However, what is rated most important by buyers on a floor plan is the dimensions of the rooms. Floor plans that show the room measurements, as well as door and window placements, allow prospective buyers to visualize where their furniture goes, and how they potentially would be using the space. They might even start to think about decorating, or the way they would alter the building in order to suit their individual needs. After they start to mentally plan the move, it isn’t too far away that they will start having an emotional attachment to the home and making a decision to purchase it.

4. Floor plans help to make a property more memorable later on

It is one thing to help a buyer visualise the potential of a property before and when they view it, but how about after they go home? During the viewing, you may have been receiving great signals, but when you follow up by calling them and they ask you which house you are talking about, that isn’t a good sign. Keep in mind that house hunters look at multiple properties at the same time, and each home’s features may get mixed up after they view several every day. When a floor plan is included in your listing as well as your marketing materials, that can help your property be more memorable.

5. Eliminate the stress from viewing

A floor plan also helps buyers make their decisions after viewing a property. Keep in mind that some people view properties within a certain time limit, and it can be daunting or stressful to be there with an estate agent. Looking at measurements more closely – or noticing aspects of the property that they might have overlooked previously may help to persuade a prospective buyer to take a second look instead of walking away from the property.

6. Having a professional floor plan can make you appear more professional

A well-designed and clear floor plan can help get your listing up to the top of a professional listing made by a professional business. It adds to your brand’s quality and demonstrates to property sellers who are searching for an estate agent that you are committed to investing in your business in order to keep up with property trends.

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