How Is Luxury Travel Evolving?

Certain people cannot resist the urge to travel in luxury. Whether this involves the type of car that they rent for their business trips, or kicking back in style on a summer holiday, additional comfort and pleasure is an important factor for many. However, the contrast to this is the overall idea of making sure you get the most out of the money you will be spending also carries an obvious appeal. This has resulted in more options when it comes to economy travel and budget holidays.

1. Airports

Whether you are on a business trip, or with friends or family, relaxing is very important before boarding a plane. If you hate crowds and queues, airports no longer need to be a stressful situation before your much-deserved trip away. The airport lounges offer the ideal solution, and you don’t need to buy first-class tickets to take advantage of this perk. All you need to do is make a booking online in order to benefit from this secluded and spacious environment for as long as 3 hours before you have to board your flight.

For people that are traveling on business, this offers a relaxing environment where you are able to conduct any work tasks when necessary. With more than enough space to get stuck into your work, this is the ideal solution when you are on a hectic schedule.

2. Hotels

Providing additional luxury happens to be the best way to attract certain types of clientele. With a host of different services, the hoteliers have found a way to tap into this market. From swim-up pool bars to private transfers to airports, to all-inclusive options for complimentary snacks, they have everything that you will need and more. On the other side of this is deciding to budget travel. If you decide to tour Asia or Australia, you are offered numerous choices in hostels which help to keep your costs down. Similar to budget flights, there are also an array of B&Bs, apartments, and hotels all over the world, that match up to any budget. However, the budget option does not suit all tastes, and the owners of hotels know this.

Just about everyone knows or has heard about the Hilton chain of hotels, and it is also renowned for the added luxurious surroundings and comforts, to such a degree that it is frequently voted as one of the best brands in hotels across the globe.

But, what exactly do clients want from luxury hotels? Over and above your sleeping comforts, spa rooms, private cabanas, gourmet meals, poolside service, and late checkout are all on the list of the must-have gimmicks to ensure your stay is as luxurious as possible. Trivago, a travel company, states that the hotel room that you stay in must offer oversized and soft towels, plush pillows, full-size toiletries, complimentary refreshments, along with a welcoming touch that helps guests to feel special.

3. Flights

Channel 4 recently conducted a behind-the-scenes interview of Singapore Airlines, where flights range from £9,500 one-way. For this price, you are offered with a private suite, along with a leather chair, a bedroom, ensuite bathroom, wardrobe, and a 32-inch TV.

4. Car

The Audi A3 Saloon is one of the ideal examples when it comes to manufacturer assets thanks to its sophisticated technology and innovative designs. With a number of features aimed at helping the driver, this model provides a simpler and safer drive. With features like park assist that provide edge and surrounding detection, along with cross-traffic assist-rear that brings visual support, you are able to really enjoy your ride.

5. Trains

While in some instances you may be forced to stand throughout your journey, when you purchase first-class seats, you are able to benefit from complimentary meal services. If you would like to take this further, traveling on the Northern Belle will take you to the next level of luxury. This train holiday is best known for inter-rails around Europe, for students that take a gap year, yet with Planet Rail, you are able to experience Europe in the ultimate luxury, which includes UK breaks.

6. Coach

The Mega Bus is frequently used by students that are in search of a cheaper way to travel to get back home. This is a type of no-frills travel which will get you from A to B. If you are looking for holiday experiences that provide an added level of luxury, there are a number of other companies ready to accommodate you. With a number of different luxury coach businesses, you can choose from an on-board kitchen space, which includes luxurious armchair-style seats and even an included filter coffee machine.

Conducting your own research, will enable you to find the deals that match up to what you are willing to spend which still includes a touch of the fine living. Safe and happy travels.

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